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Professional Game Server Hosting.

Crates are game servers - just better!

We provide the best game server hosting in the world - that's a fact. Our platform is custom built by our in-house team, unilitses the latest and greatest technology and is part of an ever-expanding eco-system.

Create your own for: Minecraft, CS:GO and Factorio!

Crates on conveyer belt.

Straight forward pricing

Pay per hour or pay monthly - we offer unrivalled flexibility.
Grass 1-5 Players 1GB 10GB 20GB
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Stone 1-10 Players 2GB 15GB 30GB
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Iron 1-20 Players 3GB 20GB 40GB
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Gold 1-50 Players 4GB 30GB 60GB
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Diamond 1-70 Players 6GB 40GB 80GB
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Obsidian 1-100 Players 8GB 50GB 100GB
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Note: Player recommendations are simply suggestions, they are not guarantees provided by BattleCrate. If you need help choosing a plan, simply get in touch with our team!

Every BattleCrate server comes with...


Amazing Support

Our in-house support team are on standby around the clock to help you through any issues.

Subdomain and IP Address

Dedicated IP and Subdomain

All plans come with a unique subdomain and a dedicated IP address.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Enterprise level DDoS protection gives you peace of mind - keeping the bad guys out without even thinking about it.

Automated Backups

Automated Backups

Our bespoke backup system makes it simple to automate your backups. We only save changed files between backups to optimise your storage.


Instant setup

All our tech is built in-house - we offer unrivaled deployment speeds. Deploy Minecraft to any supported region in less than 10 seconds!


Ever growing feature set

We are always adding more functionality our platform, other game hosting providers simply can't keep up! Keep up with our Blog for more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay for my Crate?

    You get to choose! You can either pick pay-as-you-go (hourly billing) or pay monthly. Simply load credit into your account and away you go.

  • Can I buy a full month?

    Yes. If you know you're going to be using your Crate for an entire month simply purchase your Crate with monthly billing enabled.

  • Can I swap games running on my Crates?

    No. To host another game simply spin up another Crate.

  • Am I charged when my Crate is turned off?

    Yes. Even when your Crate isn’t being enjoyed it still uses resources which need to be paid for. To save costs, backup and delete your Crate when you’re not playing.

    Keep up with our developer blog as we publish new features to help you keep costs down!

  • How long does it take to deploy a Crate?

    Less than 10 seconds thanks to our custom software and our market-leading hardware!

  • Can I share my Crates with other users?

    Yes. You can share your Crate with anyone via the BattleCrate Web or Mobile Apps.