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Pay-per-hour Game Hosting

Why are you buying an entire month of game hosting - are you really using it?

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How does it work?

Each game server plan has an hourly and monthly price. We charge your account each hour until we reach the monthly price for that plan - at which time we stop billing you and your server is free for the rest of the month.

Servers being billed each hour

We are the only hourly game hosting provider.

It seems almost self evident when you think about it - "why am I buying an entire month of hosting for Minecraft, CS:GO or Factorio?" The answer is simple, no other company offer the functionality to rent game servers shorter term.

BattleCrate is the only hosting provider in the world to offer hourly pricing for a wide variety of games, and we didn't get to this point overnight - it took over a year of work to build our platform from the ground up.

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