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The developer cloud.

Create game servers in seconds, programmatically.

BattleCrate is the sole game hosting company to offer a professional, open API to all customers - deploy your game servers using our Client Libraries or directly through our Rest API!

BattleCrate Team vs. The Competition

One API - unlimited possibilities.

Professional, stable, reliable - built for business. Deploy your gaming infrastructure with BattleCrate and ensure a next-to-none quality of service for your players.

curl -XPOST -I '' 200 OK curl -XPOST '{uuid}/start?timeout=30' 200 OK
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BattleCrate Team

From our team to yours.

Being gamers and developers ourselves we understand your frustrations. Running game servers on a supportive, developer friendly, ever expanding platform seems to be lost on the many other providers in the industry - but not BattleCrate.

We are the developer's choice for game hosting.

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