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BattleCrate vs Nodecraft

Nodecraft, game servers done right (almost).

Not quite another "copy-paste" server provider however, they seem to have stagnated - no innovation, no new features, no real game-changers. Nodecraft's control panel is their own (hurray!) but they lack innovation in almost every other area.

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BattleCrate Team vs. Nodecraft


BattleCrate is cheaper and more flexible.

Nodecraft's base plan is almost £3 more than BattleCrate's, and we offer more resources! Our unique and innovative billing model gives you complete flexibility and allows you to save up to 99% of your server costs!

Built In House

They're good, but we're better.

Both companies are built in house, but just how much of the actual tech is built there too? Our development team has built the entire platform from the ground up, unlike Nodecraft, who have only built the surface level systems such as the control panel.

Features such as our simple FTP solution will only be found with BattleCrate as a result of years of investment in our platform.

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Our team is soley made up of professional software developers, so you can see why we are the go-to choice for other programmers. Our free, open API is unmatched by any other company on the market.

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