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BattleCrate vs Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks offer no innovative features. They resell existing products.

Another "copy-paste" server provider on the market - their feature set is very industry standard and game hosting is not even their core business!

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BattleCrate Team vs. Nitrous Networks


BattleCrate's unrivalled flexibility.

Credit where credit is due, Nitrous Networks do beat us on the "race to the bottom" pricing however, understanding how this industry works and the kinds of technologies that are out there, we believe that this is a direct reflection of the quality of hardware that is offered. BattleCrate's profit margins are incredibly slim because we choose to offer more premium hardware instead of higher profits.

Almost forgot, Nitrous Networks beat us on monthly pricing but thanks to BattleCrate's unique hourly billing model, no-one can truly compete.

Control Panel

You won't find BattleCrate's control panel anywhere else... because we built it.

Multicraft and TCAdmin are examples of the same, off-the-shelf technology that is used by Nitrous Networks and others. While this is most definitely the cheapest way to run a game hosting company, it is far from the best. BattleCrate's web and mobile apps are built by our in-house team of developer gamers. We offer one simple, professional and easy to use control panel for all of your games!

Union Jack
Built in Britain.
Companion Cube
By gamers, for gamers.
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Gaming Through and Through

BattleCrate is our name, and game hosting is our, well... game.

Nitrous Networks are a small company that finds itself under the umbrella of a larger server hardware company - game servers aren't even their core business model! How could they ever hope to compete with a team of professional developer gamers?

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