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BattleCrate vs MCProHosting

Unreliable, corporate and massively lacking innovation.

MCProHosting are another "copy-paste" server provider on the market. Their feature set is standard and lacking and overall performance is less than reliable.

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BattleCrate Team vs. MCProHosting


BattleCrate's pricing and flexibility is unrivalled.

For the same resources, MCProHosting's base plan is almost $3 more than BattleCrate's. On top of that, there's no way to pay hourly so those 2 hours of Minecraft you played cost just shy of $8. The same 2 hours would have cost just $0.066 with BattleCrate.

Not to mention hidden fees. They're a nightmare! You should be enjoying your favourite game with your friends, not worrying about money. We offer hourly rates and capped prices; you are in complete control!

Control Panel

You won't find BattleCrate's control panel anywhere else... because we built it.

Multicraft and TCAdmin are examples of the same, off-the-shelf technology that is used by MCProHosting and others. While this is most definitely the cheapest way to run a game hosting company, it is far from the best. BattleCrate's web and mobile apps are built by our in-house team of developer gamers. We offer one simple, professional and easy to use control panel for all of your games!

Union Jack
Built in Britain.
Companion Cube
By gamers, for gamers.
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Bleeding edge hardware for all!

Hardware doesn't matter... according to MCProHosting. In an effort to keep costs low and profits high, they sacrifice on hardware grade and reliability. We care more about providing a quality service than profits. That's why we're partners with some of the largest data centre providers in the world, allowing us to provide a next-to-none quality of service for our valued customers.


Without you, there's no us.

If there's one thing that everyone at BattleCrate understands, it's that transparency is key. We don't make wild claims such as "Unlimited RAM" or "Unlimited Storage". We offer the best game hosting service with no strings attached.

Our Team

We are professional programmers. MCProHosting are professional salespeople.

We are a team of professional programmers who, coincidentally, love to play games. That's it. No salespeople, no corporates, just us and our passion for video games. While we are in the same industry, we are vastly different from MCProHosting. Our goal is to provide the best service possible, their's is to sell as many units as possible. Try BattleCrate today for free! We're confident you'll be able to see the difference.

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