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About & Mission Statement

Empowering gamers, communities and developers with the tools they need to host their favourite games without breaking the bank.

1. What are we?

BattleCrate is the future of game server hosting. Our entire platform has been built from the ground up by our in-house team and provides gamers and developers the ability to play their favourite games, grow communities or build custom applications all at competitive, hourly billed rates.

2. Who are we?

We’re a small team of developers based in Lancashire, UK. We have a passion for gaming and understand the struggles that gamers can go through when trying to host their favourite games for them and their friends.

3. Our vision.

While gaming as an industry has grown by enormous amounts over the years, the game hosting aspect has largely remained the same. Our vision is to revolutionise the way that people go about hosting games by providing brand new, never before seen tools and services that anybody, and everybody can use.

4. From the whole team.

The experience of our in-house development team is measurable in decades and we were avid gamers long before developers. BattleCrate was built to be the product that we, as gamers, would choose ourselves. We trust that you will enjoy using BattleCrate too!